County of Orange Permit Inspection Requests and Results
Request an Inspection
Request inspections by selecting the permit, inspection day, contact information and inspection type.
Request an Inspection for Residential Tracts
Request inspections for residential tracts by selecting up to 10 permits, the inspection day, contact information and inspection type. Use this if the inspection types are the same for all selected residential tract permits, otherwise use the generic "Request an Inspection" above.
Update or Cancel Inspection Requests
Update or cancel inspection requests for a selected permit.
View Inspection Assignments and Results
View inspection assignments and results for a selected permit. This includes the request date, inspection type, assigned inspector, inspection order, inspection result, inspected by, and completion status.
View Permit Account Statement
Displays the account statement including deposits, charges, and refunds for building and grading permits.
Click here for instructions on how to use the Online Inspection Request System (Adobe PDF)
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